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Chapter Reviews

Understanding professors can be a mission sometimes.
Our Chapter Reviews break down every chapter covered in class into 2-hour tutoring sessions, complete with the most important examples and practice problems.

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Exam Reviews

We've been preparing students to crush their exams for years. We break down your professor's testing style into 4-hour crash courses that teach you everything you need to know, including the most common types of problems that come up.

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How do I watch reviews?

Live Reviews

We have reviews at our office 5 minutes from FIU. Our tutors work on helping you understand all the main concepts and examples so you can rock your exams.


Missed a review? It's alright we've got you. Our reviews are recorded so you can watch (or re-watch them for free) right here on this page!

Online Videos

Some of our reviews, including ALL of our Chemistry 1 reviews, can be watched for free from home! For a full list of online classes and prices, click below.

Seen these awesome packets at FIU?

Yep, that's us. Every chapter and exam review comes with a super helpful study guide so you'll know exactly what to focus on.

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"Without CLUTCH I probably wouldn't be about to graduate -– and hopefully on my way to Medical School. Once I heard about them, I decided to try it out, and it's worth every penny. They break everything down into simple terms and teach tricks and shortcuts to remember difficult concepts. They are very friendly, very available to help, and a big reason why I am on my way to success!"

Melissa S.
Pre-Med Track (2014)

"In every way possible CLUTCH has changed the way I look at studying, because of active learning environment they create. Every staff member is helpful and always available with anything you need. The study packets and weekly reviews make it much easier learn. I recommend CLUTCH with great enthusiasm. My grades and performance in class have sky-rocketed thanks to them."

Lauren L.
Pre-Dental Track (2015)

"As a pre-health student, my semesters are jam-packed, but thanks to CLUTCH I was able to excel in my classes without going crazy. They cut down my study time by helping me understand the material faster.The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and have a knack for simplifying challenging concepts. I still have my CLUTCH packets and even refer to them as I study for my admissions test. If I could I'd continue "clutching" all my classes!"

Tiany P.
Pre-Dental Track (2014)

"After graduating with an accounting degree and working for 4 years, I was not accustomed to taking science courses. After a year of struggling on my own, CLUTCH was able to help me through Organic Chem and Physics. With their help I was able to do well enough on my MCAT to be accepted into multiple schools. I don’t think I have ever spent better money on my future than on their tutoring."

Christopher H.
College of Medicine (2017)